sweetwater regenerative blower pump

 Blower Technology     |      2019-11-05 21:50
  • sweetwater regenerative blower pump uses a fan to form a certain speed of air flow in the pipeline, and transports the granular materials from one part to another along a certain pipeline as pneumatic conveying. Compared with other transporters, pneumatic conveying device has many advantages: sealed transportation process, less material loss, ensuring that materials are not mixed with moisture absorption, pollution or other impurities; dust in transportation site is greatly reduced, improving labor conditions; simple structure, convenient disassembly and management; teaching at the same time carries out various process, such as mixing, screening, drying, cooling, etc., with high degree of continuity of process and realization Automatic operation; high efficiency of transportation, especially the mechanization of bulk material transportation, greatly improving the production efficiency. Reduce handling costs. The disadvantage is that the energy consumption is relatively large, the block degree, viscosity and humidity of the material are limited to a certain extent, the noise of the fan is large, the pipeline is easy to wear when transporting the abrasive materials, and the conveying capacity is small, which is not suitable for intermittent action. There are many forms of pneumatic conveying. According to the state of material flow, pneumatic conveying device can be divided into two types: suspension transport and propulsion transport. Now it is widely used to make the bulk materials in the form of suspended transportation. This paper introduces the suction gas transportation in the form of suspended transportation.
The double functions of sweetwater regenerative blower pump
 are vacuum and pressure discharge. The high-pressure blower adopts German high Swiss technology, through which there is no water and oil in the gas. It has the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency, maintenance free and high performance. It adopts aluminum alloy shell, which has high heat dissipation efficiency, can ensure long-term continuous normal operation, and has good appearance quality. The scope and service of high pressure suction fans are: gas conveying system; vacuum lifting and grasping system; packaging machine; sewage plant ventilation; bagging / bottle / filling system; soil improvement; foam forming system; food processing system; laser printer; cigarette; coil machine forming; whole heating equipment; Dental Vacuum Cleaner; paper processing system; loom and so on. At the same time, hospitals, laboratory sewage mixing aeration, printing industry vacuum feeding paper; electroplating tank, industrial waste water mixing aeration, plastic welding, dryer gas supply, burner spray, glass industry and other technologies have also been widely applied. The high-pressure suction fan adopts foreign advanced technology, combines the precise equipment, advanced CAD design system and production pipeline, and checks all the precise procedures before leaving the factory? After testing, we can ensure the high quality, safety and convenient use of the product.