How to check for Side channel blower motor failure

2019-11-06 21:54
How to check the details of the side channel blower motor failure, you can choose a variety of ways to contact the staff, free access to professional side channel blower motor failure how to check the answer!
As a professional side channel blower vendors, we provide a stable supply of high-quality side channel blowers for the country's merchants, while providing comprehensive information consulting services, about the side channel blower motor failure how to check a series of questions, you are welcome to add staff QQ for you to answer.
How to check for high-pressure fan motor failure
(1) External observation. Observe the junction box, winding end steam ingres steam ingress, leave a dark brown after overheating, and have a odor.
(2) The temperature check method. Run empty for 20 minutes, touching the parts of the winding with your back to see if they exceed the normal temperature.
(3) Power-up experimental method. Measured with a current meter, if a phase has too much current, it indicates that there is a short circuit in that phase.
(4) Bridge inspection. Measure a winding DC resistance, the general difference should not exceed 5%, if more than, the resistance of a small phase has a short circuit fault.
(5) Short-circuit detector method. If the winding is shorted, the steel sheet will vibrate.
(6) Mega-European table. Measure the insulation resistance between any two-phase winding phase, if the reading is very small or zero, indicating that there is a short circuit between the two-phase winding phase.
(7) Voltage drop method. After the three windings connected into low-voltage safety AC, a group with a small reading was measured to have a short-circuit fault.
(8) Current method. Motor empty operation, first measure the three-phase current, in the exchange of two-phase measurement and comparison, if not with the power change and change, the larger current of a one-phase winding has a short circuit.

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