A side channel blower supplier

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-10 18:32
Why choose Dereike? For example, Wahaha, some BYD equipment suppliers will choose Dereike Industrial Co., Ltd. as a side channel blower supplier, and some similar equipment suppliers in the textile industry will also choose Windshield side channel blower, durable and good quality.
The answer given by Windmill is to persist in making top-notch products, satisfy customers'needs and help partners succeed!
As we all know, side channel blower, whether in technology research and development or after-sales maintenance, has an important impact on customer experience. Especially in the forefront of technology research and development, only by developing higher quality products, can we provide more customers with better service. For example, Windmill introduced and absorbed advanced sub-fluid mechanical technology from Germany, and used super-silence technology to solve the noise problem of side channel blower. It also cites the unique shape design patent of Windmill, which does not imitate Siemens. The curve area has the greatest heat dissipation, larger than the straight line surface area, and improves the heat dissipation performance. With exquisite craftsmanship, Windsor's current star product face value fan has been created.
And Windsor Motor has been working for 26 years. It is the longest fan supplier in the domestic industry. Maintenance is also a front-runner in the industry, including maintenance reports, maintenance pictures, maintenance suggestions, later use considerations and so on. "Noise from side channel blowers has become one of the main noise sources in urban environment, endangering people's physical and mental health," said Windsor's R&D personnel. Therefore, to study the noise generation, propagation and control of side channel blower has become an important problem to be solved urgently. In the research, we found that the noise sources of side channel blower are mainly the parts without external duct side channel blower inlet noise sources, which are open to the atmosphere, or duct radiation noise sources, or chassis noise sources. For this reason, we have made innovation and improvement on the basis of the original technology, and applied the ultra quiet technology to solve the noise problem of the side channel blower. "
Speaking of after-sales maintenance, many customers also praised Windmill. One customer said frankly that the side channel blower can not fundamentally solve the causes of wear and tear, and many parts can only be replaced by scrap, which greatly increases the production cost and spare parts in stock, so that the enterprise's good resource advantages are idle and wasted. Therefore, in the aspect of after-sales service, it is particularly important. In this regard, Windsor is very professional and responsible, which is what customers need.
Nowadays, with the rapid development of our country and the steady development of many industries, the use of fans is increasing, which means that fans are still very popular, especially centrifugal fans. However, the opportunities and challenges facing the fan industry are the technological upgrading and the possibility of smarter manufacturing. The only thing Windsor has insisted on for many years is to meet the needs of customers and help partners succeed!