side channel blower Type Recognition

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-10 18:31
Speaking of side channel blower, also known as side channel blower, different from the general centrifugal side channel blower, it can now be seen in many industries. The so-called high-pressure fan, that is, under the design conditions, the fan with 30 kPa~200 KPa air pressure or compression ratio e=1.3~3 belongs to the category of high-pressure fan. At present, the air-ring vacuum pump is usually classified as high-pressure fan in the industry. Perhaps everybody is familiar with the operation and use of high-pressure fans on weekdays, but they do not know that the development history of fans can be traced back to a more remote era.
side channel blower
In fact, the development of side channel blower has a long history. As early as before B.C., China had made a simple wooden hungu windmill. Its working principle is not very different from that of modern centrifugal fans. In the 19th century, several improved axial flow fans have been used in mine ventilation and metallurgical industry. Developed to 1935, Germany first adopted the axial flow isobaric fan for boiler ventilation and induction. Since then, with the progress of the times, the technology of high-pressure fan has been developed rapidly, and widely used in other fields. As one of the top three high-pressure fan enterprises in China, Windsor has always surpassed other manufacturers in R&D and achievements in the field of wind turbines. Windsor has been developing in the electric machinery industry for 26 years, and is the longest enterprise in the domestic industry. Excellent craftsmanship and patented technology of many shapes make it a leader in the industry. Especially the spirit of learning and innovation of enterprises has always been an example for other enterprises. The performance of Siemens fan in Germany is stable. Windmill has introduced and absorbed advanced sub-fluid mechanical technology from Germany and made innovations. The parts and components of the products are all formed by one-off die casting of high quality aluminium alloy and processed by imported high-precision CNC machine tools. Over the past 20 years, Windsor has always followed ISO-9001 International Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.
In the shape of the patented technology, the windmill high-pressure fan curve area is the largest, with excellent heat dissipation. In terms of maintenance, it is also the forerunner in the industry, including maintenance reports, maintenance pictures, maintenance suggestions, later use notes and so on. The product is safe, reliable, stable and durable, with the same quality, and with its innovative design, unique technology and superior cost-effectiveness, it is well sold in the whole country, Western Europe and North America. Many excellent enterprises in China have established long-term cooperative strategic partnerships with Windmill, such as those supplying equipment and machinery for Wohaha (food packaging), Sinopec, PetroChina and Wuliangye (food packaging), all of which use Windmill side channel blower.