Application of air blower in Printing Industry

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-08 16:00
Since China's accession to the WTO, the printing equipment market has undergone tremendous changes. With more and more opportunities to introduce and go out, the progress of printing industry has become a normal state. It is just an opportunity to join the company, providing a good external environment for the development of the printing industry, and opening the door for the domestic printing machine to go out.
For the domestic printing enterprises, after joining the WTO, the printing press has been able to flow around the world, and the foreign printing technology has entered smoothly, which has promoted the innovation of printing technology and the improvement of printing quality, and the enterprises have been developed to a greater extent. Traditional printing equipment technology is backward, from design to the processing of basic parts, to automated production, the whole process of pre-press, printing and post-press is developing in the direction of super-digitalization. In recent years, due to the rapid development of the fan industry, the combination of the two, fan products in the printing industry more and more applications.
For example, printing absorbs applications. The use of high-pressure wind turbines can absorb printing or paper towels in vacuum to form a transfer. High-pressure fan gives strong attraction to the suction drum, so that the printed paper or paper towel can be firmly absorbed on the drum, so as to achieve the effect of accurate printing. Let's say the screen printer sucks. It is to use the high-pressure wind turbine to absorb pressure to fix the printed matter, which is more convenient for printing operation, and will not affect the production because of the displacement or disorder of the printed matter. For example, forced drying of printing, through the heater of the high-pressure fan of the wind turbine passing through the wind knife, can make the printing color dry quickly on the surface of the printed matter, avoid the adhesion of the printing page, and destroy the production efficiency.
The above are just some classic cases of high-pressure wind turbines in the printing industry, and there are more life and industrial applications are not described in detail here. The printing industry is meticulous and orderly. With the strong suction and blowing force of the high-pressure wind turbine, it can assist the printing industry to operate faster and more precisely. Many bosses in the printing industry have high requirements for high-pressure fans. After selecting and comparing, they will find that the final effect of high-pressure fans is the best. As a result, Windsor has also been designated as a strategic partner by a large number of printing industry bosses.
Of course, in addition to the printing industry, there are also breeding industry, manufacturing industry, food packaging industry, industry and other industries have a wide range of wind turbines high-pressure fan applications.
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