Maximum Flow Rate of side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-09 18:50
Located in Suzhou, Suzhou Dereike Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dereike") is one of the leading large-scale factories in the same industry. The company aims at producing the world's top products, introducing and absorbing advanced sub-fluid machinery technology from Germany. Windsor's main business is 7 varieties, 50 series of fan products, the market is all over the country, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and the Middle East and other regions.
Every year, thousands of customers visit Windmill. More and more machinery and equipment manufacturers take the initiative to find Windmill and seek long-term cooperation. The performance advantages of high-pressure wind turbines are praised by customers. When they come to Windmill for product selection, they usually consider many factors, such as speed, configuration power, maximum flow, maximum vacuum, maximum pressure, noise, weight and so on. Among them, the most concerned point is the concept of maximum flow, if misunderstood, it is easy to lead to customer selection failure. Therefore, Windsor will let customers know in detail what the maximum flow is before they choose the type of customer.
side blower
The maximum flow rate of the side channel blower is its initial flow rate, that is, the maximum flow rate released when the inlet and outlet are not docked with any supporting equipment, without any resistance or opening. Usually, the manufacturer of side channel blower will not explain to the customer, or vaguely explain, falsely claim the maximum flow rate of side channel blower products, be careful here.
The maximum flow rate of the side channel blower varies with the number of access devices and the resistance formed. Connecting different equipment will produce different resistance and release pressure, so its maximum flow rate will change accordingly. Like Windsor 4PB side channel blower, it has excellent performance and can produce pressure difference of up to 1000 mbar, so it can be separated from similar competitors on the market at once.
Assuming that the maximum flow is 800 cubic meters per hour, this is the maximum flow, also known as the initial flow. When connected to the power supply, the flow meter can be tested very accurately. Customers can check when choosing a model. It does not mean that if the maximum flow is large, it will be good, but if the maximum flow is small, it will be bad. It also depends on the size of the change after access to the relevant pressure equipment. Different enterprises have different demands, so we can't generalize them all. It is the best side channel blower that can be applied to production. In short, the greater the pressure, the smaller the zero flow, in inverse proportion.
Distance of side channel blower with wind turbines. At 60HZ, the maximum flow rate of high-pressure wind turbines can reach 2580 cubic meters per hour, which is already outstanding among competitors of the same kind. At the maximum flow rate, the positive and negative pressure difference is 0, and at the maximum negative pressure of 70 KPA, the flow rate is 0. Therefore, under different pressures, the flow rate will change accordingly. The greatest benefit of working with Windmill is to enjoy its one-stop service. He will make the best plan according to different production needs and environmental conditions. Provide more and more accurate operation data curve tables for reference in customer selection, so as to ensure that the side channel blower model selected by customers can be well used in production.
In addition to the maximum flow rate, other important parameters such as speed, configuration power, maximum vacuum, noise, weight and so on are also important parameters for type selection. The following articles will be analyzed.