turbo blower for Oxygen Enhancement in Aquaculture

2019-10-08 15:54
High-pressure fan is widely used, and it also plays a very important role in aquaculture oxygen enhancement. Many aquaculture farmers, after using high-pressure wind turbines to aerate aquaculture, have said that the effect is very good, threatening to continue to cooperate, and will continue to share with more users who need high-pressure wind turbines.
turbo blower
Speaking of aquaculture oxygen enrichment, in fact, micro-porous nano-aeration is the best way to increase oxygen in aquaculture industry at present, and it is also the smallest way to maintain oxygen in the later period. The breeder only needs to place the aerator on the shore, connect the nano-aerator through the water pipe, and aerate the fish pond accordingly. In this way, we can guarantee the safety of the farmers and do not need to spend much time in the later maintenance.
So how to scientifically choose the model of high-pressure wind turbine for aquaculture aerator?
First of all, we need to consider how deep the customer's pond is. According to the water depth of the pond, we can determine how much pressure the fan is used. It is not like water truck aeration, it just needs to be placed in the water to float aeration. The oxygen-enriched high-pressure fan placed at the bottom of the pool is required to withstand the pressure of water depth. If the condition of water depth is unknown, the use of an incorrect type of hyperbaric oxygenated fan will not achieve any effect, but will accelerate the damage of the fan. Generally, a single impeller is recommended to be used at about 1.5 meters, and a double impeller high pressure fan is recommended for water depth above 2 meters.
The second is to see how large the customer's farming scale, but also according to the breeder's species, of course, as well as the density of farming also need to be considered. The larger the area is, in order to ensure the effect of oxygen enrichment, under the same water depth, the power of high-pressure fan will also increase.
If some farmers think differently from others, they like to keep up with both sides. They should aerate from bottom to top and aerate from bottom to top. Most of these farmers are veteran drivers, in order to achieve the best oxygen enrichment effect.
Windmill used in the aquaculture industry oxygen-enriching high-pressure fan, the reason for the high repurchase rate is that from the farmer purchase to use the entire process, Windmill will communicate in time to ensure that customer problems can be solved in time. Customers like this kind of behavior with good quality and good service attitude. Windmill high-pressure fan has the advantages of fast speed, high pressure, small volume, fine structure, low noise, simple operation, safety and reliability, and high cost performance. It is the preferred oxygen enrichment equipment for breeding units or farmers.
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