The Causes and Solutions of Vibration of side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-26 15:34
We all know that if the side channel blower has frequent vibration, it will certainly have an impact on the performance of the side channel blower itself, so we must know the cause of the side channel blower vibration, to better improve, solve the problem of side channel blower vibration.
As a manufacturer specializing in the production of side channel blowers, we have observed a lot of experiments, mainly that the frequency of vibration of side channel blowers will rise slowly in the course of operation, and the wear degree of fan blades will become more and more serious, which will break the balance between them; only let it balance, the vibration of side channel blowers. The problem will be solved.
The solution is usually to install a hand-hole door in the radial direction of the casing to the impeller, because this position is the nearest place to the round edge of the impeller, which can be easily operated by hand. When the machine vibrates, the first thing is to disconnect the power supply, let the fan stop running, and open the hand-hole door, so that the weight of the impeller can be tested outside the casing. After finding the balance point, according to the weight and position, the impeller can be welded. Another cause of side channel blower vibration is dust accumulation. The solution to this problem is to keep the side channel blower clean and maintain for a long time in a clean environment.