Talking about the Selection Method of blower and Notices

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-26 15:32
In order to seize the market, most of the enterprises even take the "negative benefit" to expand the market share. While seriously disturbing the market order, some regular manufacturers have to lower the sales price of fans. China's economy is now in the process of transition, new technology has not yet found the breakout point, in this situation, the fan industry is facing the pressure of industrial rebalancing and structural transformation.
Method of blower adopts the latest German technology to overcome the phenomenon of fan damage caused by excessive current when the fan is started. Ring Method of blower is designed by using regeneration principle, with small diameter of single section blade, increasing speed of air volume, producing high wind pressure characteristics, free of maintenance. No oil and gas! Long life.
When choosing Method of blower, first of all, according to the two basic parameters of air volume and total pressure of Method of blower, the model and number of Method of blower can be determined by dimension performance table of Method of blower (the product specifications of each Method of blower have relevant data), at this time, more than one product may meet the requirements; then, more than one product can meet the requirements. Combining with the use, process requirements and application occasions of Method of blower, the types, models and structural materials of Method of blower are selected to meet the required working conditions, so as to make the rated flow and pressure of Method of blower as close as possible to the flow and pressure required by the process, so as to make the operation conditions of Method of blower point-to-point. High efficiency area near high pressure fan characteristics. The specific principles are as follows:
1. Before choosing Method of blowers, we should know the production and product quality of Method of blowers in China, such as the varieties, specifications of Method of blowers and the special uses of various products, the development and promotion of new products, etc. We should also fully consider the requirements of environmental protection in order to select the best fans.
2. When more than two types of Method of blowers are found to be available in the selective performance chart of Method of blowers, the higher efficiency and smaller number of fans should be selected first: one with larger adjustment range, of course, should be compared and decided by weighing the advantages and disadvantages.
3. If the impeller diameter of the selected fan is much larger than the impeller diameter of the original Method of blower, in order to make use of the original motor shaft, bearings and bearings, it is necessary to calculate the starting time of the motor, the strength of the original components of the Method of blower and the critical speed of the shaft.
4. When choosing centrifugal Method of blower, when the power of the motor is less than or equal to 75KW, it can not install valves only for start-up. When high temperature flue gas or air is discharged and the centrifugal boiler induced draft fan is selected, the starting valve should be set up to prevent overload caused by cold operation.
5. For the ventilation system with the requirement of noise elimination, the Method of blower with high efficiency and low impeller circumferential velocity should be selected first, and it should work at the highest efficiency point. The corresponding measures of noise reduction and vibration reduction should also be taken according to the transmission mode of noise and vibration generated by the ventilation system. Vibration reduction measures for Method of blower and motor can generally be based on vibration reduction, such as spring damper or rubber damper.
6. When choosing Method of blowers, the parallel or series operation of Method of blowers should be avoided as far as possible. When unavoidable, the same type of Method of blower with the same performance should be selected to work together. When series connection is adopted, there should be a certain pipeline connection between the first stage Method of blower and the second stage Method of blower.
7. The selected new Method of blower should consider making full use of the original equipment, making and installing suitable for the site and safe operation.
Selection of High Pressure Fan
Method of blower
Working principle of Method of blower:
When the impeller 3 rotates, due to the centrifugal force, the wind vane causes the gas to move forward and outward, thus forming a series of spiral movements. The air between blades of impeller rotates spirally and squeezes the gas outside the pump body into the side groove (inhaled by the suction port 1). When it enters the side channel 2, the gas is compressed and then returns to the impeller blade to accelerate the rotation again. When air passes through impellers and side grooves along a spiral track, each impeller blade increases the degree of compression and acceleration. As the rotation proceeds, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, which further increases the pressure of the gas passing through the side channel. When the air reaches the connection point between the side groove and the discharge flange (the side channel narrows at the exit), the gas is squeezed out of the blade and discharged from the pump body through the outlet muffler 4.