Advantages of air blower in High Pressure Cleaner

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-26 15:41
First of all, we have analyzed the high-pressure cleaners and pumps made of stainless steel raw materials before. Their advantages are bright and beautiful, glass cleaners are not easy to rust, and they are welcomed and loved by many users. However, at some time or under some circumstances, it is found that stainless steel appearance will appear more or less rusty mottled, what is the reason? Since it is stainless steel, why does it show some rust? When the appearance of stainless steel shows brown rust spots, people may be surprised: think that "stainless steel is not rusty, rust is not stainless steel, it may be that the steel presents doubts".
In fact, this is a one-sided view that the physical properties of stainless steel lack real knowledge. In fact, stainless steel will rust under certain conditions and elements. So we should try our best to avoid such incentives. In order to adhere to the brightness of high-pressure cleaner and high-pressure pump. Stainless steel has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation, which is its rust-free characteristics, together with the ability to resist corrosion in medium containing acid, alkali and salt, which is its corrosion resistance. However, its anti-erosion ability varies with its steel chemical composition, application premise and environmental medium type. For example, 304 steel pipe has excellent anti-rust ability in dry cleaning air, but if it is moved to the seaside area, it will soon rust in the sea fog rich in many salts, while 316 steel pipe is outstanding. Therefore, not any kind of stainless steel, in any environment can be corrosion-resistant, rust-free.
Knowing this feature, we will pay attention to adopting appropriate methods when using and protecting stainless steel components of high-pressure cleaners and pumps. The stainless steel we usually call stainless steel is made up of a thin and stable chromium-rich oxide film on its surface to avoid the continuous entry and oxidation of oxygen atoms and to acquire the ability to resist corrosion. However, once there is a certain element, the film is constantly damaged, oxygen atoms in air or liquid will continue to enter, perhaps iron atoms in metal will continue to separate out, and then form loose iron oxide, metal appearance will be constantly corroded.
This kind of protective film is damaged in various ways, such as: (1) Dust rich in other metal elements may be the attachment of miscellaneous metal particles on the surface of machinery and equipment of stainless steel raw materials. In wet leap air, condensate droplets between the attachment and stainless steel connect the two into a micro-electricity. Pool, glass cleaner caused electrochemical reaction, protective film was damaged by electrochemical erosion.
Domestic Cleaning Market Analysis
The statistical investigation shows that there is little difference between domestic products and international brands in terms of performance. It may only be that the service life of domestic products is slightly worse than that of international brands, but only because of the gap between domestic products and international brands in core technology. And our products are superior to the western developed countries in raw materials and labor costs, so domestic brands have a certain share of the domestic market with price advantage.
At present, foreign big brand companies are gradually transferring to the domestic OEM production mode to reduce costs and occupy the domestic market with price advantage. With strong economic strength, technology, brand effect and production management advantages, these foreign brand companies have established their own stable sales network in China.
According to the analysis of market survey results, it is found that the high-pressure washing machine has broad market development potential in China. The high-pressure washing machine in developed countries abroad has been widely used at home, so the market demand is very large, and there is a growing trend. In the domestic market, it is found that the domestic market of high-pressure washers is still in its infancy, and the use of glass washers for high-pressure washers is still rare, and is limited to the use of large and medium-sized enterprises. However, with the rapid development of economy, the special equipment is the rapid development of automobile industry, the popularization of automobiles, the gradual improvement of living environment and the improvement of living environment quality. The domestic market of high-pressure washing equipment is also increasing rapidly, and the demand of the market is also increasing rapidly.