Brief Talk on Maintenance Method of Common Faults of blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-26 15:30
These problems are often encountered in the use of blower side.
1. What if the motor doesn't work?
Usually, we need to check the connection of the motor and see if the power cord is on.
2 The blower is stuck?
In this case, it is necessary to remove foreign bodies in time when there is no electricity.
3. Is the fan noisy?
This is a possible problem of bearing dryness, only need to add bearing grease to lubricate the bearings.
4. Increase in fan inlet temperature?
When the inlet temperature is too high, reduce the temperature of the inlet in time
5. Reduced efficiency of high-pressure fan?
When the speed of pump head decreases, it is only necessary to remove the dust in the blade passage or replace the pump head in time.
6. Decrease in pressure and flow?
Pump head speed reduced, power supply voltage low or motor failure
Clogging of import and export air filter, cleaning filter in time
7. Decrease in pump head speed?
Low supply voltage or motor failure
8. Reverse motor steering?
Motor wiring is reversed, rewiring is needed