Maintenance and Operation of turbo blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-24 20:31
turbo blower is generally used in printing machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, industrial vacuum equipment, cleaning and drying equipment, fish pond aeration, screen printing, tons of bags packaging and other applications. turbo blower not only has a wide range of applications, but also produces light weight and high pressure. Force and low noise. It brings us more and more convenience. If it is maintained properly, it will not be damaged easily. But if it is damaged unfortunately, the maintenance is very troublesome and the maintenance cost is much more expensive than that of conventional air pumps.
The whirlpool pump should be placed in a clean, dry and ventilated environment. When placing in a more stable position, it should be noted that there are no easy objects to enter the pump body: solid, liquid, especially corrosive gas. The filters and mufflers at both ends of the inlet and outlet of the swirl pump should be cleaned timely according to the situation, so as to avoid blockage affecting normal use when you use them. And the outer connection of the inlet and outlet must adopt hose connection (such as rubber tube, plastic spring tube).
When the swirl pump is in use, it needs to confirm that the condition of its equipment must be completely normal before it can operate. To a certain extent, it needs to ensure that the power supply facilities are adequate, otherwise the operation in the absence of phase will cause serious consequences. The power supply circuit of the scroll pump is special to ensure safety and stability. In some cases, the scroll pump will be installed outdoors for better use and heat dissipation. In order to avoid the core component of the scroll pump motor damp. If stored in the open air, appropriate protective measures should also be taken for the high-pressure turbo blower. In the process of handling the scroll pump, it is necessary to prevent the bump of the pump, so as to avoid the damage of the pump affecting its normal use.
Correct operation method of swirling air pump Installation requirements for swirling air pump:
1. Be familiar with the specifications before installation, check whether the random accessories are complete and the technical documents are complete.
2. Preliminary inspection of the blower, in the process of logistics transportation or long-term storage after the damage of inorganic parts, whether there is sundries falling into the blower runner, whether there is corrosion, and so on, and then use tools to rotate the main shaft of the blower or the tail blade of the blower motor, to see whether the rotation is flexible, whether there is rubbing sound, otherwise the troubleshooting should be done first.
3. According to the foot bolt under the basic drawing, the horizontal plane should be corrected when the fan is installed to prevent excessive inclination.
4. The pipe diameter should be slightly larger than the fan outlet diameter (the ratio of pipe diameter to fan outlet diameter is 1.1:1). The fan outlet diameter should be shortened as far as possible, with fewer elbows, and the elbow angle should be greater than 90 degrees. Right-angle T-joints are not allowed. The joints of the pipeline should be tightly sealed and no air leakage is allowed to reduce pressure loss. The weight of pipeline shall not be supported by fan, and the forced connection between fan and pipeline shall not be allowed to prevent the increase of vibration and noise.
5. According to the characteristics of the blower, adjusting valves can be installed at the intake or outlet of the blower. Adjust the air volume and pressure.
6. In order to protect the fan motor, the current overload protection device should be installed.
7. Close the fan inlet and start the fan to check whether the main shaft of the fan is turning correctly. Then restart the fan, after normal operation, gradually open the regulating valve and adjust it to the required operating point, but the motor current should not exceed the rated value. If the required operating point is just the surge point of the fan, the operating point should be adjusted appropriately to avoid the surge point, or other anti-surge measures should be taken.