Reasons for Excessive Temperature of Blower in Operation

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-23 13:50
blower has undoubtedly achieved good results after being used by many enterprises, but inevitably it will encounter some problems in use, and one of the common problems is that the temperature is too high, which causes damage to blower, then what are the reasons for its excessive temperature?
1. The quality of lubrication. Such a situation involves the problem of mechanical maintenance, so in order to cause unnecessary trouble, it is necessary to regularly supplement lubricants in the use of high-pressure fans. The quality of products.
2. Reasons for the configuration of rolling bearings. In the configuration of these bearings must not appear or small situation, even if only a little bit of it may affect the whole body.
3. The problem of sealing felt. This is a matter of detail, just be careful not to be too tight or too loose.
4. Reasons for insufficient or interrupted cooling water for bearings. These are usually operated mechanically in practice, so we need to check them regularly. Just spending an extra minute to check them will save you hours of maintenance time.