Application of 1 hp regenerative blower in Pneumatic Conveyi

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-23 13:52
1 hp regenerative blower2 hp regenerative blower

1 hp regenerative blower is widely used in pneumatic conveying material industry. Many grain conveyors, such as rice, corn, soybeans and so on, industrial aspects such as salt, plastic particles, construction industry such as sand, etc., use a large number of high-pressure blowers.
In use, the material can be blown by high-pressure air from the outlet as shown in the figure, or the material can be pumped by the suction port. When pumping, attention should be paid to filtering, so that the material can not enter the internal of the high-pressure blower, so as to avoid wear or stuck.
Low-power fan with single impeller can be selected for small quantity, and high-power and 1 hp regenerative blower with double impeller can be selected for large quantity and long transmission distance. The maximum power can reach 30KW.