Vacuum cleaner VS side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-23 13:46
1. vacuum cleaner is small and easy to carry; besides impeller, vacuum cleaner has no other moving parts, and impeller is directly connected to motor, no gear or drive belt, so it has high reliability and almost no maintenance.
2. Applicable industries
Printing machinery, burner, bag blowing machine, film spraying machine, plastic extruder, fruit making machinery, dust collector, environmental machinery, woodworking machinery, hot air generator, powder conveyor, kitchen machinery, dryer, incinerator, thermostat, mechanical cooling, general suction and supply air.
3. uses
Characteristic of Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner: This dust collector is the latest manufactured by our company. It uses the advantages of Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner and Bag Vacuum Cleaner, and has strong suction.
Reliable dust collection near dust sites, removable dust collection, without piping, save money, greatly improve the convenience and mobility.
Applicable to sandblasting, grinding wheel, woodworking, grinding, cutting, etc., dust, cotton chips, wood chips.