Difference between side channel blower and air blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-22 11:47
What is the difference between side channel blower and air blower?
In fact, their wind pressure is in the range of 30 kPa~200 KPa or compression ratio e=1.3~3. However, because of the different names used in various industries, the mechanical and electrical industry currently generally classifies the air ring vacuum pump as a high-pressure fan, a high-pressure blower, in fact, it is also called a high-pressure blower, which is different from the general centrifugal air blower. Therefore, there are two ways of calling high-pressure blower and side channel blower.
Their working principle is to rotate through the impeller. Under the action of centrifugal force, the wind direction causes the gas to move forward and outward, resulting in a series of spiral movements. After the spiral gas is accelerated, the gas outside the pump body is squeezed into the side groove (inhaled by the suction port). After entering the side groove, it returns to the impeller blade to accelerate the rotation weight again. In this way, the kinetic energy of the gas increases and produces a blow-in gas. The power of these gases can be widely used in various industries to meet the needs of the major industries. Therefore, the use of high-pressure fan industry is diversified, so the natural name will also be diversified.
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