Location and Cause of Impeller Scraping of turbo blower

2019-09-22 11:46
The most vulnerable parts of turbo blower include its impeller, because it is easy to scrape with its surrounding parts, resulting in damage. What causes the impeller of turbo blower to be so troubled?
Because the high temperature will occur when the high-pressure fan is running, the operator should avoid touching the outer shell of the fan in order to avoid scalding. There are many other matters needing attention about the high-pressure fan. I hope you can master them comprehensively.
In the process of using, the change of air pressure will cause the telephone of the load current of the motor of the high-pressure fan, so the suitable over-load protection switch should be selected for its wiring and used under the rated full-load current to avoid the burnout of the motor. At the same time, regular cleaning of the internal and external high-pressure fan, maintain good heat dissipation effect, and reduce the occurrence of faults.
If the high-pressure fan is not working properly or abnormal noise occurs, it is necessary to turn off the power supply immediately for maintenance, otherwise it may cause damage to the parts. In addition, the surrounding environment has a great impact on the equipment. If the temperature rises, do not put the high-pressure fan in the closed room.
The most common is the scraping of impeller and impeller, as well as the scraping of impeller and casing, wall panel. Once the turbo blower occurs, it will have different degrees of problems. In the former case, it may be because of impurities on the impeller, which makes the clearance between the impeller and the impeller too small, only need to clear the dirt can be solved. It may also be that the gear is not fixed firmly or worn out, which can not keep the impeller synchronized. It may also be caused by the increase of clearance caused by bearing wear.
The reason for the latter scratch situation is similar, either because the installation clearance is incorrect, the pressure and temperature may not meet the requirements, or the deformation of the casing or seat of the turbo blower, leading to the failure of equipment positioning.

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