Troubleshooting of Impeller of turbo blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-22 11:44
Because the speed of the turbo blower is much higher than that of the general blower products, the balance requirement of the blower is also improved correspondingly. In order to meet the requirement, the balance test of the impeller of the blower is carried out specially. The results show that the requirement of the slight imbalance sense in the heart is not very strict, so we can effectively repair the fan impeller faults which are easy to occur.
For example, if the rivet head of the impeller of the turbo blower is worn out, the wearing rivet head can be returned to its original normal state by pressing the impeller body and the hub with welding surfacing. If a fatigue crack occurs at the rivet hole, the crack can be repaired by welding the whole unused new electrode. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the symmetry of the impeller axis.
No matter what kind of fault, in the repair process of turbo blower, we can not spot-weld with electric welding at will, or leave weld marks on the impeller, so as to avoid affecting the balance of the impeller, but cause greater losses.