Maintenance of side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-22 11:42
side channel blower is an important component widely used in various mechanical equipment. Simple maintenance of side channel blower can improve work efficiency, which is very necessary to ensure the normal operation of the whole production. So how to do simple maintenance?
1. Maintenance of pressure annular side channel blower when its force or flow rate decreases. When pressure and flow rate decreases, first cut off the power supply of side channel blower, check whether there is something blocked in the air intake, and check the air intake filter, but do not remove the filter, otherwise the impurities will be sucked into the blower, resulting in damage. Secondly, if there are impurities found inside the machine, the rubber sheet will withstand the electromagnet, which will cause the electromagnet to be unable to recover its position. At this time, the outer shell of the high-pressure fan can be opened and the internal debris can be cleaned up. A small hole is drilled on the rubber skin to eliminate the adsorption caused by negative pressure. The lack of phase or the wrong direction of operation of the motor is also a cause of such failure. At this time, the power supply should be checked and reconnected. If the motor burns out, the same type of motor should be replaced. The single-phase motor should check whether the capacitance is intact and the connection is correct.
2. When the noise of annular side channel blower increases, the maintenance should first check whether there are any debris in the blower body. If so, open the shell and clean up the internal debris. Secondly, check whether the impeller is stuck. At this time, it is better to contact the manufacturer for repair, and need to be reassembled to eliminate the fault. Third, check whether the bearing is damaged and replace it if necessary.
3. Maintenance when the body temperature rises first checks whether the intake is blocked and cleans the intake filter, but it can not be removed, otherwise it will suck in sundries and damage the mechanical equipment. Please keep the working time gap of the high-pressure fan properly. Secondly, check the debris in the body, open the shell, and clean up the internal debris.