Application of side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-17 16:12
Has been committed to the maximum integration of side channel blower (high-pressure blower, whirlpool pump) and wind knife research, the specific application is as follows:
1. Automobile industry: used for blowing off extra water, coolant, dust, debris, etc. in manufacturing, and for cooling, drying and dust removal of steel plate before spraying.
2. Electronic industry: Electronic circuit board is dried quickly before assembly.
3. Beverage canning and bottle-making: Before labeling, inkjet or packaging, remove the moisture and attachments from the bottle mouth or body.
4. Chemical industry: Before labeling or packaging, remove surface chemicals or water.
5. Food and medicine: Before manufacturing or packaging, remove moisture and attachments, or open the bag before packing and dust removal in the bag.
6. Metal industry: Blow coolant or other liquid from metal surface. Dry or cool the surface before polishing, electroplating and painting.
7. Rubber and plastics industry: blowing off dust or debris on the surface of products. Dry before ejection or ejection. The product is cooled after injection forming.
8. Printing (inkjet): Inkjet, pre-printing dust, debris, water vapor blowing, or used for rapid drying of ink.