Maintenance and Failure Causes of side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-16 13:31
(1) Maintenance system of side channel blower
1. Fans must be used and repaired by specialists.
2. Fans are not allowed to run with diseases.
3. Clean the dust inside the fan regularly, especially the impurities such as dust and dirt on the impeller, in order to prevent rust and imbalance.
4. Fan maintenance must emphasize the first power cut and stop.
5. Check the sensitivity of thermometer and oil mark regularly.
6. In addition to replacing the lubricating oil after each disassembly, the lubricating oil should be replaced once in March-June under normal conditions.
(2) Main Faults and Causes of Fans
1. Violent vibration of bearing box
(1) Fan shaft is not concentric with motor shaft, and coupling is distorted.
(2) Friction between chassis or air intake and impeller
(3) The rigidity of the foundation is not firm.
4. Rivet loosening or impeller deformation of impeller
_Loosening of impeller shaft disc and shaft, or loosening of coupling bolt
_Loosening of bolts connecting housing and bracket, bearing box and bracket, bearing box cover on seat, etc.
_Installation of fan inlet and outlet gas pipeline is not good
_Unbalanced rotor and wear of induced draft fan blades
2. Excessive Bearing Temperature Rise
(1) Violent vibration of bearing box
(2) The quality of lubricating grease is not bright, deteriorating, containing too much dust, sticky sand, dirt and other impurities.
(3) Too large or too small tightening force of connecting bolts of bearing box cover and seat
(4) The installation of shaft and rolling bearing is skewed, and the front and rear bearings are not centrifugal.
_Rolling bearing damage
3. Excessive current or temperature rise of electrodes
(1) Intake pipeline gate or throttle valve is not closed strictly when driving
(2) Flow exceeding the prescribed value
(3) The density of air conveyed by fan is too high or viscous
(4) Input voltage of motor is too low or single-phase power supply is cut off
The coupling is not properly connected, the skin ring is too tight or the clearance is uneven.
_Influenced by violent vibration of bearing box