Which industries can channel blowers be used

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-05 18:24
Which industries can be used for channel blowers? We have to divide it into two aspects. Because high-pressure fans are used for both blowing and suction, there are also some differences in different applications and industries. Here is a detailed introduction of Shoupu Electrical Machinery and Technology for you.
Application case for air supply
Forced Drying of Printing - Quick drying of printing color.
Oxygen supply in Aquaculture Ponds - oxygen supply in water.
Paper cutter air cushion - - - increase buoyancy, easy to move.
Punch Press - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Car washing and drying - --- The water after washing the car washing machine is blown dry.
Incinerator - ------------------- air combustion and exhaust gas discharge.
Powder transport - --- air transport of raw materials such as powders and granules.
Wash and blow-dry - --- After washing, water or oil and gas quickly detached from the articles.
Subpoena delivery - ----- Air-assisted transmission of documents is fast and safe.
Paper strip blowing - - - plastic, cloth, paper and other cutting chip automatic collection.
Smoke blowing - ----- let the smoke out quickly. In order to avoid pollution.
Bottle washer drying - - - After washing empty bottles of beverages, the water droplets are dried, which is suitable for the food industry.
Air knife for drying - - - Electronic circuit board can use air blower to remove tiny dust and water droplets.
Gas and heavy oil injection - high air pressure (2000mmAq) and sufficient air flow will reduce your dependence on air compressors.
Animal manure fermentation waterfall gas - high pressure air blowing into animal manure tank, increase the contact area between animal manure and air. It is also too harmful to sewage treatment.
Electrolyte agitation - --- agitate the electrolyte cell with air to make electrolyte circulate, and make electroplating fast and uniform with blister horse. (4 mm outlet hole is preferred)
Application case suction
Powder conveying - --- granular objects, such as plastic raw materials, can be conveyed by air pressure (blowing) or vacuum suction.
Welding exhaust gas absorption - smoke and dust generated during welding can be drained into other places by vacuum to ensure the health of operators.
Photogrammetry - --- Use vacuum suction to keep the film flat and suitable for the photogrammetry industry.
Industrial dust removal - ------- The factory often has hair chip residues on the machine table, which can be cleaned in the way shown above.
Local removal of dust and toxic gas from tunnel and narrow work site.
Loom absorbs - - - absorbs moisture and fixes thread head, improves product quality and efficiency.
Vacuum dewatering - - - pulp dewatering, sludge dewatering, cloth dewatering, etc.
Tofu machinery - --------- to attract soybean transportation, to the washing tank for use.
Plate Printer Absorption - Fixed by Absorption Pressure to facilitate printing operation.
Processing Maintenance - --- Fixation of non-magnetic objects such as wood, plastic and so on.
Printing Absorption - Vacuum Absorption Printing or Paper Towel Forming Transfer.
Gas decomposition - --- the attraction of gas decomposition device.
Blanking machine - ------------------------------------- Blanking cloth when its vapor exhaust emissions.
Milk Paper Filling Machine - Milk Box Filling Vacuum Attraction Utilization.
Bookmaking machine - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Residual cloth treatment - --- cloth cutting treatment.