We adhere to the principle of quotation for diy blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-05 18:26
A customer just asked us about the diy blower information in Wangwang. He also bought it to the customer. Of course, for us, it is the same. He is eager to solve the problem for the customer.
The parameters given by his customers are not very clear, only 1.5?, air volume 1500?/h, 0.05?? These three units are not available. I and he later determined that the power is 1.5KW, air volume 1500 m/h, wind pressure 0.05mPa. According to this parameter, we have three fans, one diy blowerand two diy blower, because he also has two diy blower. I sent him all the pictures of the three blowers without any physical objects or pictures. There is a useful information in the back, that is, the main purpose is to inject air, so that one can be removed.
At this time, the customer asked me to quote a price, I told him that this is not possible, because the price difference between the two diy blower is too much, so the customer said, "then you quote the first kind." I think that's OK, just ask him to leave contact information, I will give him a return.
Inquiry for diy blower
The customer left the phone behind, but suddenly felt like a big change in attitude, and after quoting the price, there was no movement. However, we will adhere to our own principles in the quotation of high-pressure diy blower, and it is not easy to quote under uncertain circumstances.