Why the air volume of dereike roots blower decreases when it

2019-08-26 18:20
Every product has its service life, Dereike Roots blower is the same, in the normal use of non-artificial damage, Roots blower service life is more than five years, but with the use of time, some of its performance will decline. After the Dereike Roots blower has been used for a long time, the original equipment is aging, the energy consumption is increasing, the energy conversion rate is low, and the air volume will become smaller. Why?

Why the air volume of dereike roots blower decreases when it
1. Wear of Dereike Roots Fan Fittings
The closed cavity of Dereike Roots blower is composed of impeller, casing and wall panels. Dereike Roots blower is designed with a certain standard clearance. As long as the clearance increases, the air volume of Dereike Roots blower will decrease, whether between impeller and impeller, between impeller and wall panels, or between blades. As long as the clearance between the wheel and the casing changes, the air volume will decrease, and the friction between the parts will affect the clearance obviously. On the other hand, the three-leaf Roots blower conveys clean air, but it can not guarantee the cleanliness of Dereike Roots blower in normal use. It often incorporates some dust particles, which are often stuck between impeller and impeller after being absorbed, resulting in more serious wear and tear.
2. Pipeline Leakage
Dereike Roots blower conveys gas through pipes, and there are some gaps between pipes and pipes, between fans and pipes. When it is used for a long time, there will be air leakage at the connecting place. If it can't be checked out in time, the leakage will increase, and the air volume of Roots blower will decrease, resulting in the phenomenon of insufficient air volume.
3. Belt slips and speed decreases
Dereike Roots fan belt will be slippery for a long time, leading to a decrease in speed and air volume. Increasing speed can indeed increase air volume, but it will aggravate component loss, and it is not recommended to increase speed in safety considerations.

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