Twenty Common Problems of side channel blower

2019-08-26 18:14
In the use of side channel blower, there will always be such problems. According to the experience of Dereike in producing and selling high-pressure fans for 15 years, this paper summarizes 20 common problems of high-pressure fans and gives detailed answers, hoping to help you! For more questions, please consult online or by telephone, 0769-22335055
1. Question: Can the blower with the screw locked in the wooden box still collide?
Answer: Most of them won't. Sometimes, unless it's a gravitational impact, wooden boxes will fall apart.
2. Question: 729M 5 units have lost their paint, and a large piece of paint has fallen off at the connection between motor and wind drum. Please inform us why.
Answer: There are many sand holes on the surface of oil or air bucket, which were not cleaned before painting.
3. Question: There is a foreign body in the motor which causes the motor to burn down. Where does the foreign body come in?
Answer: Maybe it leaks through the hole end under the wiring board on the motor.
4. Question: Isn't the motor insulated? Will foreign bodies burn when they enter?
Answer: The motor is insulated. When the motor is electrified, it will absorb foreign matter onto the line. The foreign matter rubs and rubs, and the paint is removed, resulting in short circuit burning.
5. Question: Customer reaction fan noise, what is the general problem caused?
Answer: The main reason is that the blades are grinded to the barrel and cover (foreign body is sucked in or deformed, not processed properly), and the bearings are damaged.
6. Question: Why does the inhalation of foreign matter in the wind blade cause the motor to burn down?
Answer: The wind blade is stuck and the motor runs at a higher temperature, which causes the motor to burn down.
7. Question: Why does the current of a fan of the same specification differ?
Answer: There are some differences, but the difference between small stations and large ones is small, which is also related to the voltage frequency.
8. Question: Why is the single-phase starting current so large?
Answer: When the fan is assembled, the starting current of the tighter hand rotation will be larger, which is proportional to the power.
9. Question: Can we apply for protection for some customers and how? What protective measures do you have?
Answer: You can add a symbol after the fan model you sell to this customer, so we will know when another agent comes to inquire about this model next time.
10. Q: If someone asks about airtight unit price, how do you deal with it?
Answer: That's to say the price will be very high if it's specially made.
11. Question: What does your LS LF mean?
Answer: L waterproof, LS waterproof plating, LF waterproof plating Teflon

Twenty Common Problems of side channel blower
12. Question: No oil can come out when running. Otherwise, it will damage the customer's LCD. What kind of LCD?
Answer: LS oil-free
13. Question: Which kind of fan is used for acid and alkali resistance?
Answer: LF type
14. Question: Does 329 have high temperature resistance? What is the maximum value of your entrance and exit?
Answer: 329L puts the fan under the normal temperature, the temperature of the inlet can reach 150 degrees, the outlet 160 degrees, and the 329 conventional can not reach.
15. Question: The air volume is large, can it be adjusted by pressure relief valve?
Answer: You can't use pressure relief valve to adjust it, you can install another valve to adjust it.
16. Question: How many decibels can the EHS-629 muffler reduce?
Answer: Can reduce 10 decibels
17. Question: Can the fan stick the guest's own brand?
Answer: In general, it is not possible, unless the customer is for his own use, and a large number, you can apply to paste your own brand.
18. Question: Can you provide door-to-door maintenance for fans?
Answer: We don't provide door-to-door maintenance. Please send the customer back to our company for repair.
19. Question: Who will bear the cost of repairing the damaged aircraft in transit?
Answer: We can refuse to accept the goods if we find that the outer packing box is damaged. If we confirm the receipt, we will not bear any responsibility.
20. Question: The wind pressure of 529 50HZ is 220 mbar. Why is it 200 mbar at 60HZ?
Answer: Because the flow rate is 6.2 at 60HZ and 5.2 at 50HZ, the relative wind pressure decreases when the flow rate increases with the same power motor.

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