What happens when a side channel blower inhales foreign matt

 Blower Technology     |      2019-08-27 14:11
In our customers, there are always some customers who accidentally enter foreign bodies when they use side channel blower, which leads to a series of problems, such as where foreign bodies from the blower motor come in? Why does inhalation of foreign matter in the wind blade cause the motor to burn down? Wait a minute. Today Dereike explains these questions in detail for you.
There are two situations, one is that foreign bodies are introduced into the motor, the other is that foreign bodies are introduced into the wind drum, which will lead to different results.
In addition, we also need to have a concept of foreign bodies, such as screw more various metal small pieces must be foreign bodies, but some large particles of things also count, such as the filter is not done well when vacuum, there will be many will be sucked into the wind drum, causing serious consequences.
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There are foreign bodies in the motor of the high-pressure blower, which will cause the motor to burn down. Although the motor is insulated, the foreign bodies will be sucked into the line to buy when the motor is electrified. The foreign bodies will rub and rub, and the paint will be removed, which will lead to short-circuit burning. So where did these foreign bodies get in? The greatest possibility is that it leaks through the hole end under the wiring board on the motor, and there is no other place to go.
The foreign matter in the side channel blower air blower can make the blade grind to the barrel and cover (suck in foreign matter or deform, poor processing), bearing damage, and Dereike accompanied by noise, affecting the use situation. In serious cases, because of the high-speed friction between foreign matter and the air blower, the air blower will be pierced, which is the phenomenon that the high-pressure blower has to be big. Repair, these are foreign bodies in the wind drum can not be reached, but also common.
There are also unusual cases, that is, the foreign body inside the side channel blower is large enough to stuck the blades, motor overload running motor temperature increases, resulting in motor burning.