Protection and Decoration of side channel blower Surface Pai

 Blower Technology     |      2019-08-26 16:52
The surface coating of side channel blower is used according to the specific application requirements of fan. In corrosive environment or for decorative appearance, the coating is necessary. Provide a wide range of high-quality coatings to meet the needs of all commercial and industrial applications; whether protective or decorative coatings, for many products, there is a suitable range, price choice.
Protective coatings are widely used in anti-corrosion control products of side channel blower . Depending on the corrosion conditions, they are used to provide long-term protection and even extend to harsh chemical treatment conditions during atmospheric exposure. They can be powder or liquid coatings, and the structural strength of the protective coatings is weak or absent.
Protective coatings show strength and integrity by protecting other materials, making the appearance of side channel blower  more excellent. For some projects, appearance is important, while additional chemical resistance is not necessary. Customers can choose standard or custom color decorations.
Baking paint is a kind of decorative paint, which is used in the condition of multi-paint liquid or electrostatic powder. The various colors available for baking paints are usually composed of polyester or alkyd amino resin systems. They have excellent hardness and cleanliness. Their flow and leveling performance are excellent.
In the external application of side channel blower , baking paint can provide good color and maintain luster. Baking varnish has good chemical resistance, such as the paint used by lion song blower. In summary, when choosing side channel blower , we say that the cost-effective fan is often not only the inner part of the fan, but also the surface treatment.