Different Design and Correct Selection of side channel blowe

 Blower Technology     |      2019-08-26 16:27
It is well known that the dynamic similarity law of flow in centrifugal hydraulic machinery is the basis of design methods for centrifugal pumps, side channel blower and turbines. However, experience shows that the operation of machines with different geometries follows certain rules, so that designers can predict their performance.

Predictions are sometimes interpolated or extrapolated based on data from existing product patterns, and sometimes the impact of some design elements that differ from existing product patterns is estimated. When choosing some design elements to satisfy the required performance, the designer judges them according to the understanding of the reasons and effects that these elements can satisfy the performance requirements, because the effects follow certain rules.
Experience also shows that although the design elements of a series of hydraulic types of impellers vary continuously, for different specific speeds, there are always some factors or some criteria that remain unchanged, and the well-known one is the specific speed of inhalation.
When applying side channel blower to the actual drying production, the first thing is to select the appropriate type of blower; and for the existing drying equipment system, due to the requirements of increasing production and other factors, it is necessary to determine the blower modification scheme. If the operating conditions of the high-pressure blower change, the ability of the blower needs to be checked.
When choosing side channel blower, it is generally determined according to the curve of blower that which type of blower meets the operation conditions required by drying equipment system, so that the blower has the highest productivity. Generally, according to the actual needs of production, the range of air volume variation is determined, and then the modification scheme of fan is decided.