What are the wide applications of side channel blower

2019-08-07 17:58
side channel blower Application site
With the rapid development of industry, side channel blower have been continuously developing, and new technologies have been introduced. side channel blower has been widely used in industrial equipment, equipment and production, civil equipment and other fields.
1. Textile equipment: high-speed hosiery loom, cutting machine; coating thickness control and ensure uniform thickness, remove moisture, dryness, drawing machine. 2. Plastic auxiliaries and central feeding system: In the application of casting machine, in order to ensure high-speed production and uniform casting film, the dominant knife of cooling roll makes the film and the surface of cooling roll form a thin air layer, and the high-pressure fan makes the film uniformly cool; together, it is used for feeding of injection moulding machine, boring, dehumidifying and central feeding body. Department. 3. Commodities such as computer monitors, liquid crystal displays and printed circuit boards can be used in PCB equipment such as high-pressure fan cleaning, water cutting and drying.

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