Advantages of air blower and Vortex Pump

2019-08-05 17:38
The special NSK/SKF bearing of air blower is more steel, more suitable for long-term non-stop operation, one roof home-made two machines are used; the blade design of industrial high pressure blower angle makes our air volume larger and wind pressure higher; the humanized independent blade connecting disc of Taiwan ASBA high pressure blower, lets you even in the straight. When the scrap is extracted, the bearing can also be prevented from being directly injured.
Vortex fan adopts German air return technology, even when the outlet is squeezed, it can run smoothly, completely relies on the situation of small air volume and pressure when it is running; the muffled cotton design of common air intake makes our fan run more quietly!
First of all, the high-pressure fan has the function of both blowing and sucking. In many cases, it can achieve the dual purpose of one machine, suction and blowing. There is also the high-pressure fan oil or oil-free operation, the output air is clean, in our life is also quite a lot of use.
Secondly, we need to know that the high-pressure fan is related to centrifugal fan and medium-pressure fan, its pressure is much higher, often more than a dozen times the centrifugal fan, which illustrates that the function of high-pressure fan is quite complete. If the pump body is die-cast as a whole, and the shockproof device pedestal is also used, then its request for the root of the device is very low.
Finally, it should be said that the high-pressure fan can be maintained-free operation, its loss parts are only two bearings, in the warranty period, there is no need for maintenance at all, and the mechanical wear of the high-pressure fan is quite small, the most important thing is that its device is comparable convenient and convenient to use.
At present, high-pressure whirlpool fans are mostly used in industrial consumption, and are widely used in environmental water treatment, such as aeration of sewage to meet the requirements of aerobic microorganisms in activated sludge and the conditions of abundant contact and mixing of sewage and activated sludge, so as to degrade all kinds of organic matter in water and achieve the purpose of sewage purification. Stirring can also play a role, as well as electroplating bath stirring, aquaculture, are playing the same role.
With the progress and development of the period, people are not satisfied with the pressure and air volume requirements of centrifugal air pumps, and the noise of centrifugal air pumps has become more and more a headache in the factory. Therefore, Japan first introduced a fully blocked flow measurement fan, that is, the usual high-pressure fan (scroll vacuum pump). With its fine appearance and noise, this fan first met the social demand for high-pressure fans at that time. Later, the fan was promoted to single stage, double stage and three stage impellers, and the high pressure of high pressure fan was refreshed to 230 kPa at one time, but this is only the limit pressure of the fan.
With the extensive use of the scroll fan, various kinds of equipment have a standard process of its operation. Through a lot of experimental data, we know that the exhaust pressure (vacuum) of the high-pressure fan increases, the flow rate of the high-pressure fan falls, the shaft power rises, the total efficiency curve is parabolic, and there is a high point. The working curve of the high-pressure fan clearly shows that the efficiency of the high-pressure fan is lower under the condition of positive pressure air supply, the efficiency is only 44%, but the efficiency of the high-pressure fan under the condition of suction is lower, the efficiency is only 32%, so sometimes the high-pressure fan can be installed as a rough vacuum attack.

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