Three Reasons for Not Starting side channel blower

2019-08-05 17:33
Some time ago, another customer asked me if I had just received a 2LG210 370W side channel blower plugged in, why not start, is the fan bad? My first reaction is that it is impossible. As a manufacturer of side channel blower, every fan produced by us has strict quality inspection results. How can there be such a low-level error? There is no problem with their video confirmation wiring after that. Finally, it was found that the power supply was not turned on, which made him embarrassed directly, for the first time. The use of this fan, usually followed by electrical aspects are not many, made a low-level error.
We summarize several reasons why the side channel blower does not start. As long as you check it step by step, there will be no problem.
1. The power supply is not sent to confirm that the power supply has been sent.
2. External circuit breaking of high-voltage fan confirms that the power supply and control lines are in good condition.
3. Electrical wiring errors should be checked according to the instructions of wiring nameplate.
4. The metal joints of the line are not well contacted with the metal pressure plate of the junction seat to reconnect.
5. Loose the motor connection plug on the terminal seat and connect the plug according to the instructions of the connection nameplate.
6. Breaking the lead-out line of high-pressure fan should be connected with the after-sales department. It is not allowed to disassemble and inspect the motor without authorization.
7. The capacitor wiring of high-voltage fan is broken or the capacitor damages the internal winding of motor.

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