What are the performance advantages of air blower

2019-07-26 18:28
NSK/SKF bearings for air blower are more steel, more suitable for long-term non-stop operation, one roof of two domestic machines to use; industrial high-pressure fans angle blade design makes our air volume larger, wind pressure higher; high-pressure fans humanized independent blade connection disk. Energy allows you to avoid direct damage even when extracting waste directly. Bearing damage.
Swirl fan adopts German return air technology, even when the outlet air is squeezed, it can run freely, totally depending on the operation of small air volume and pressure; unique inlet muffler cotton design makes the fan run more quietly!
Firstly, the high-pressure fan has the function of blowing and sucking. In many cases, it can be used for one machine and two purposes. It can be used to inhale or blow. Moreover, the high-pressure fan runs with little or no oil, and the output air is clean. It is also used in our life quite a lot.
Secondly, we need to know that the pressure of high-pressure fan is much higher than that of centrifugal fan and medium-pressure fan, usually more than ten times of that of centrifugal fan, which shows that the function of high-pressure fan is quite complete. If the pump body is die-cast as a whole, the requirement of installing foundation is also very low by using shock-proof mounting foot.
Finally, it should be said that the high-pressure fan can be maintained-free use, its wear part only has two bearings, in the quality assurance period, basically do not need maintenance, and the mechanical wear of the high-pressure fan is very small, the most important thing is that its installation is more convenient, and it is also easy to use mo.
At present, high-pressure fan is mainly used in industrial production and widely used in sewage treatment, such as sewage aeration to meet the aerobic microorganism oxygen demand in activated sludge and the conditions of full contact and mixing of sewage and activated sludge, thus degrading various organs. IC substance can purify sewage in water, and can also play a stirring role, as well as the stirring role of electroplating bath. Mixing and aquaculture play the same role.
With the progress and development of the times, people are increasingly unsatisfied with the pressure and air flow requirements of centrifugal air pumps, and the noise of centrifugal air pumps has increasingly become a headache in factories. Therefore, Japan first introduced a fully enclosed flow measurement fan, that is, today's high-pressure fan (scroll vacuum pump). This kind of fan is beautiful in appearance and noisy, which met the social demand for high-pressure fans for the first time. Later, the fan has been upgraded one after another and developed into single-stage, double-stage and three-stage impeller high-pressure fan. The high pressure of the high-pressure fan is refreshed to 230kPa at a time, but this is only the limit pressure of the fan.
With the widespread use of scroll fans, all kinds of equipment have a standard operating process. Through a large number of experimental data, it is known that the exhaust pressure (vacuum degree) of the high-pressure fan increases, the flow rate of the high-pressure fan decreases, the shaft power increases, and the total efficiency curve is parabolic, with a high point. The working curve of the high-pressure fan clearly shows that the efficiency of the high-pressure fan is lower under the condition of positive pressure air supply, which is only 44%, while the efficiency of the high-pressure fan under the condition of suction is lower, which is only 32%. Therefore, sometimes high-pressure fans can be used as rough vacuum generators.

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