How to Solve the High Temperature of side channel blower

2019-07-26 18:26
The eddy current pump of side channel blower is a dual-purpose pump, which can be used not only for blowing and aeration, but also for direct air adsorption. In the process of using the eddy current pump, if the equipment temperature is too high, the user should pay special attention to it. If these problems are not properly handled and effectively solved, the service life of the equipment will be greatly affected, resulting in high temperature. The reason why the temperature of pressure eddy current pump is too high begins with its working mode.
Generally speaking, the working pressure corresponding to the high-pressure fan has a certain temperature range. If the temperature range is too high, there will be a problem in some link. This is because the compressed air of the impeller of the high-pressure swirl pump forms a high pressure in the course of operation. Even if it is not connected with any equipment, it will inevitably generate heat in the process of compressed air. The outlet temperature will also be higher than the atmospheric temperature. In the operation process, the higher the air pressure of the high-pressure swirl pump, the greater the heat generated, the greater the power of the motor, the higher the temperature rise. Because the performance parameters of the eddy current pump are usually proportional to the power clicked. Cause analysis of high temperature of high pressure swirl pump;
1. It keeps the intake and outlet open whether it is used as an intake or an outlet. The cross section area and outlet diameter of the terminal should not be too small, and the outlet blocking temperature will rise.
2. It doesn't matter whether the choice is right or not. If a choice is made, it will lead to the situation of a small carriage. If the fan runs overloaded, it will lead to excessive temperature.
3. When the high-pressure swirl pump is in operation, the temperature rise will not be too large. The higher the working pressure required, the higher the temperature will be. The labeled pressure range of the air pump is this type. Do not exceed the labeled working pressure range, then the temperature will be within the allowable range. Adjustable range, the front pump body temperature hot hand is a normal phenomenon, as long as the motor temperature is not hot hand, you can. Can run for a long time, more information about high-pressure swirl pump, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to the company's website!
side channel blower is used for overpressure operation. Common components are pressure set by pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valve will automatically open and release overpressure, thus protecting the swirl pump and adjusting the pressure relief valve.

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