7.5kw air blower parameters

2020-05-21 18:56
The 7.5kw air blower uses a wide-voltage dual-frequency motor, which can be immediately adapted to various voltages without alternating placement; 50Hz-60Hz AC is very convenient for export customers and gives full play to its performance. Small size but large air volume, low noise but high pressure, no manual duty, no maintenance, product operation is quiet and stable, strong and durable.
In addition, the 7.5kw air blower is divided into single impeller and double impeller, and the double impeller is divided into series and parallel, which leads to the same power, but the flow rate and pressure are different. It can be selected as required, and specific performance needs to refer to specific operating curve.
blower air
The specific blower model and performance parameters are shown in the following table:
Blower model Impeller number
Single and dual power
kw maximum flow
m³ / h rated vacuum
mbar rated pressure
mbar noise value
dB (A) Net weight
kg caliber
 720-H57 dual, parallel 7.5 320 -420 610 76 73 2 inch
 740-H57 double, series 7.5 500 -240 320 74 75 2 inch
 810-H27 single 7.5 530 -300 430 70 66 2.5 inch
 830-H27 single 7.5 700 -270 260 70 69 2.5 inch
 840-H27 double, series 7.5 900 -200 180 74 91 2.5 inch
 820-H27 dual, parallel 7.5 520 -400 400 74 86 2.5 inch

4GH 630-H67 three impellers in series 7.5 170 -700 910 72 86 1.2 inches The following is the feedback of some customers who ordered this type of blower:
We are making grain skewers and have ordered with many manufacturers. The quality and price are uneven. Each one is good and what is the matter. After the delivery of this fan, it is worth the money. The price is also possible. It is already very satisfactory to have such a material. It was also selected after several comparisons. The price of this one is also very favorable. I received my baby for a few days. The workmanship is very satisfactory, the wind is very strong, I like the color, the feel is good, there is no noise, the effect is very satisfactory, in short, very good!
Re: There are many customers in the Northeast, and there are many in this industry. The amount is also acceptable. The quality and price requirements are relatively high, and it is not easy to weigh. The quality of our fans is generally high-end and not easy to damage. However, pay attention to clean up the filtering equipment frequently, do not accumulate too much, affect the effect of grain suction and affect the operation of the fan. Like your industry, there are many problems that occur because some details have not been noticed.


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