Principle of centrifugal compressor

2020-07-16 15:33
The centrifugal fan usually has a high-speed rotating motor rotor. The high-speed rotation of the gas is driven by the impeller on the motor rotor.

The centrifugal force causes the gas to flow into the centrifuge along the involute gear in the involute gear-shaped casing At the outlet of the fan, the high-speed cyclone has a certain wind pressure.

centrifugal fan
Although the principle of the centrifugal compressor centrifugal fan is similar to the centrifugal fan, the difference is that the air compression under the action of centrifugal force is generally via multiple working impellers.
centrifugal blower

During the operation of a centrifugal compressor, it mainly depends on its own characteristics, but also on the characteristics of the system. When the internal resistance of the pipeline increases, the pipeline characteristic curve becomes steeper.

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