5 side channel blower application industries

2023-02-09 16:29
Side channel blower is extensively utilized in commercial equipment, the product is a kind of can be made use of to pump gas, as well as can be used to press gas vane liquid equipment, its working component is primarily rotating multi-chip wheel and also static annular flow network (i.e., bright body), the impeller as well as heavy steam inlet turbine impeller structure similar, and no wearing parts. For that reason, compared with the positive variation blower, it is characterized by straightforward structure.

Industrial side channel blower feature attributes:

1, with one machine dual-use feature, the same item has the feature of sucking air and blowing air. It can additionally use both suction as well as strike features.

2, the use of oil-free operation, can make the blower outcome air a lot more clean as well as pure.

3, high pressure, high air quantity, reduced noise, light equipment weight. The clearance in between high pressure blower rotor and rotor, rotor and also body is small. It substantially enhances the pressure of the wind.

4, using unique blade design, the blade manufacturing wear resistance, wind, lengthy service life.

5, reputable top quality, can function normally in the environment above 5000 meters above sea level, high temperature resistance, chilly resistance.

6, upkeep totally free usage, within the warranty duration, generally do not need any kind of maintenance.

Presently the DEREIKE side channel blower has a large range of applications as well as uses, whether it is vacuum cleaner or stress recommendations, covering a large range of applications.

Today, Dereike is mosting likely to introduce you to several of our leading marketing apps for 5 sectors.

1. Sewage 

High pressure is quite prevalent in the use of sewage treatment. In the process of therapy, equipment aeration is directly utilized to enhance the oxygen conversion price through the pressure of tools, and then the changed air is continuously driven into the water, which contributes to the disintegration of some harmful as well as discarded compounds.

Popular models consist of DHB720C 4D3/DHB720C 5D5/DHB820C 011,etc

2. CNC Router

In the CNC sector, the suction as well as stress of the side channel blower is usually utilized to separate the paper for a long period of time, and then the suction function of the high-pressure blower will certainly suck the paper from the printing equipment to hold on the roller. Additionally, if utilized in CNC cutting machine cutting as well as welding, welding smoke as well as dust can be released to in other places, to protect the safety and security of the driver.

Popular models include: DHB810C 5D5/DHB810C 7D5,etc

3. Aquaculture

When it is utilized in tank farming market, the side channel blower machine is put on the coast, and also the nano oxygenating tube is attached through the water pipe, as well as the matching aeration of the fish pond can be done. In this way, the individual safety of all farmers can be guaranteed. Essentially, it does not need to invest any kind of initiative on late upkeep. It can be begun directly.

Models require to take into consideration just how deep the pond is, depending upon the water depth of the pond to determine how much pressure to use the blower.

4. Electroplating

When Electroplating is made use of, in addition to aeration, the side channel blower can also be utilized to contribute in the mixing process of the electrolyte, to ensure that the electrolyte is totally stirred and uniform. Only need to utilize the pipeline to attach the side channel blower's vent with the plating container, as well as in the plating tank part of the pipeline boring on the air vent, begin the side channel blower can obtain the preferred impact.

Model to be determined

5. Adsorption dryer.

The side channel blower will certainly be made use of for vacuum sharing or discharge communicating the raw material.

Model to be determined


In addition to the above 5 sectors that can make use of side channel blower, actually, there are several industries that can access side channel blower, Like Pneumatic Conveying, Food commercial, Printing, Plastic commercial, etc. Any kind of side channel blower related questions can be put to us, we will do our finest to solve for you.

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