How to reduce the noise of side channel blower

2023-02-08 14:45

Side channel blower describes the follower whose atmospheric pressure is 30kPa ~ 200KPa or engine compression ratio e= 1.3 ~ 3 when it comes to style scheme. The side channel blower utilizes high strength, exhaustion resistance and also premium quality aluminum alloy product as the main material. It has the qualities of compact framework, small dimension as well as lightweight. Vortex pumps utilize unique types of motors directly attached. Required any rate change mechanism, due to its straightforward structure, direct transmission kind, yet additionally has reduced noise, power conserving, steady performance, convenient upkeep and also other advantages, air supply without water, no oil, and low temperature level rise, which is other air resource generation devices unparalleled.But in any case, the sound of equipment or to be properly handled, let's list a few blower noise reduction methods.

side channel blower noise administration treatment actions:

(1) Devices soundproof cover

Cover the high pressure follower, can properly control the sound in the sound enclosure. The room is generally made up of plate, absorbing material and also damping layer.

When intending rooms, note:

1. For the warm dissipation needs of the tools, it is necessary to establish the air vent as well as duct, and also install the inlet as well as exhaust muffler at the link between the duct as well as the maker cover to lower the wind resistant sound generated by refrigeration and ventilation. Air flow.

2. The link of doors, observation Windows, vents, soundproof tube covers as well as various other soundproof covers is a weak spot. Procedures must be required to increase the volume of insulation, so as not to influence the overall audio insulation result.

3. Joints as well as assistances of environment-friendly billet will be made from flexible material. Canvas or serpentine pipe must be used at the link between the lid as well as the duct.

4. In order to facilitate maintenance, the sound insulation cover can be composed of a number of components, particularly, constructed from movable type. When setting up the gadget, take note of the flexible material at the joints in between the parts and also tighten it with unique parts to achieve a limited seal.

(2) Use sound barriers

Establish the between driver and operator. In the manner of noise transmission, the quantity of noise is undermined, and also noise barriers are utilized to take care of the sound of the follower unit, which can usually be decreased.

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