What are the options for indoor cooling equipment?

2023-02-13 16:58

Springtime is practically over, summer warm, manufacturing facility workshop is because of device work, a lot of vapor to make employees very warm, workshop area temperature is often 5 ℃ higher than the typical room temperature level. In order to preserve typical procedure of the workshop as well as keep excellent production performance, troubles such as heat and bad ventilation need to be resolved. For that reason, the factory to cool off the plant, for workers to create a comfortable workplace must be carried out.
So the use of side channel blower is definitely one of the best methods, how to achieve temperature reduction through the vacuum pressure of side channel blower? Where else can the negative pressure of the side channel blower act?

The side channel blower can understand the air conditioning concept of air convection as well as air exchange by utilizing vacuum pressure. It is a type of equipment that inhales fresh air normally from the door or window of the installment website, and forces indoor sultry gas out rapidly. Any type of inadequate ventilation can be improved. The cooling as well as air exchange impact can reach 90% to 97%.

Introduction to the application of vacuum pressure of side channel blower:

1, for air ventilation: installed outside the window of the workshop, usually choose the reduced tuyere, air out, remove odor gas; General chemical plant and other applications.
2, with the use of damp drape: made use of as a workshop air conditioning warm summer, despite how hot your workshop, damp drape - negative stress fan system can allow your workshop temperature level down to concerning 30 ℃, and there is a specific humidity.
3. Application extent of vacuum pressure follower:
A, suitable for high temperature or stinky workshop: such as thermal treatment plant, casting manufacturing facility, plastic manufacturing facility, aluminum profile manufacturing facility, footwear factory, leather factory, electroplating factory, printing and coloring factory, all sort of chemical plants.
B, suitable for labor-intensive business: such as apparel manufacturing facilities, all sort of assembly workshops, Web cafes.
C. Ventilation and also cooling of gardening greenhouse and also air conditioning of livestock field.
D, specifically suitable for cooling as well as humidity areas. Such as cotton mill, woollen mill, linen mill, weaving manufacturing facility, chemical fiber mill, warp knitting factory, bomb factory, weaving manufacturing facility, silk factory, socks factory and other fabric manufacturing facilities.
E. Suitable for warehousing and logistics field.

4, for the exhaust follower: basic exhaust follower efficiency is reasonably inadequate, a follower blowing less than a couple of people, adverse stress fan is not, whether on the ground or hanging in the air. Typically 1000 square meters of workshop use 4 collections, that is, the space is full of wind blowing effect.

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