Industry knowledge of ventilation engineering

2022-07-14 14:38
Ventilation can be divided into comprehensive ventilation and local ventilation according to the scope. Comprehensive ventilation, also known as dilution ventilation, is the ventilation of the whole space. Local ventilation is to directly collect the polluted air and discharge it outdoors at the place where the pollutants are generated, or directly supply fresh air to the local space. Local ventilation has the advantages of good ventilation effect and air volume saving.
Ventilation equipment is required for mechanical ventilation. Prospecting tunnels are mostly single-head tunnels, and axial flow blowers, centrifugal blowers, dust removal blowers, airflow purifiers, dust collectors, pressure sprays, pressurized air sprays, and air ducts combined with blowers are commonly used for ventilation.
Ventilation engineering construction methods and requirements
1, according to the characteristics of the project, the site should be spacious, bright, clean, smooth ground. Basic processing equipment and power safety protection devices should be complete.
2. The air duct installation should be carried out under the condition that the obstacles in the installation part have been cleared, and the ground has no debris that hinders the construction.
3. The equipment is installed under the condition that the building structure has been well done, the indoor rough decoration and the internal partition wall and the floor have been well done, and the main pipe of the ventilation system is also installed.

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