Characteristics of axial flow blower

2022-07-14 14:39
Axial blower is composed of single-phase capacitor operation asynchronous motor, double flange cylindrical casing and blade. With the characteristics of large air volume, small vibration, low noise, axial flow blower is mainly used for ventilation and heat dissipation of automatic ground control device, large electronic equipment, cabinet, welding machine and other industries requiring large air volume. It can also be used as ventilation, ventilation and purification in buildings and factories.
Axial blower is the airflow in the same direction as the axis of the blade, such as electric blower and air conditioner blower. Axial flow blower is also called local blower, is a blower commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises, Ann is different from the general blower its motor and blade are in a cylinder, shape is a cylinder, used for local ventilation, convenient installation, ventilation effect is obvious, safe, can be connected to the air duct to the designated area.
Maintenance methods of axial flow blower:
In the process of operation, it is found that the blower has abnormal sound, the motor is seriously heating, the shell is live, the switch trips, and the blower cannot start, etc., so it should be stopped immediately for inspection.
2. In order to ensure safety, maintenance is not allowed in the operation of the blower. After maintenance, test run should be conducted for about five minutes, and restart operation should be made after confirming no abnormal phenomenon.
3. The blower should be stored in a dry environment to avoid dampness of the motor. When the blower is stored in the open air, protective measures should be taken.
4. In the process of storage and handling, the blower should be prevented from knocking against to avoid damage to the blower.
5, the use of the environment should always keep clean, blower surface to keep clean, inlet and outlet should not have debris, regularly remove dust and other debris in the blower and pipeline.

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