Municipal sewage reform: vortex (vortex) air pump and vortex (vortex) fan and surge pump application

2022-06-28 16:22
Urban river is one of the basic elements of urban survival and development and plays a very important role in economic development and ecological protection of city and environment.

Due to the long-term existence of urban water conservancy construction, urban rivers have been deposited and are heavily polluted. Due to the topography of most urban construction, urban rivers are small and flow slowly, and it cannot timely clean itself after pollution, which also exacerbates the silt. Therefore, the rectification of urban water environment from all walks of life has become more and more attention.
vortes air pump

Dereike Vortex (vortex) air pump is a professional production of vortex pump and vortex (vortex) fan and other products manufacturers. After receiving the city government's phone number, the company organized technicians to go to the site to install the river.

The surge of vortex air pump and water pump is inflated, still water flow. Oxygen aeration is characterized by the lack of oxygen after pollution, manual charging of air or oxygen in the water, accelerating the level of hydrogen dissolved oxygen, restoring and enhancing the vitality of aerobic microorganisms in the water. Promote the degradation rate of organic pollutants so as to improve the quality of polluted water, and then restore the aquatic ecosystem; In addition, aeration can also build a highly active "muddy water interface water purification area", slowing down the speed of blood stirring. Two stage vortex air pump installation. Connect the air pipe. Connect the exhaust lines together. Assemble survival oxygen generator. Call pump oxygen generator two-stage scroll pump

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