Special materials for annular ring blower manufacturing are introduced

2022-06-28 16:16
The ring blower is made of special materials:
1, the fan blade, the fan cover are made of die cast aluminum;

2, the bearing of the fan is made of high speed, high temperature resistant imported bearings, 2800 RPM at 50Hz, 3450 RPM at 60Hz, lubrication free, 15,000 hours of maintenance free, equivalent to 2 years of continuous operation.

3, the fan inlet and outlet are equipped with built-in sound pin tube, so as to achieve low noise.
4. Fans below 1.5kW can be used at full pressure.
5. The fan pressure is stable, and the application of water treatment and electroplating treatment has proved that the mixing is uniform and the height of water wave rolling is consistent.
6. The flow rate of the fan is greater than that of similar products under the same power and pressure.
7. The fan cover adopts flake heat dissipation design, which is equivalent to the heat dissipation device of motorcycle engine, and greatly reduces the temperature of the fan when it is running. Eight, the fan adopts the bearing front design principle, the two bearings are placed in the front end of the fan blade and the back end of the motor, to achieve a good dynamic balance configuration, and conducive to heat dissipation. (The reason is that there is a heat sink at the front end of the blade for heat dissipation, and the bearing at the back end works under the heat dissipation fan, so as to keep the bearing working at low temperature for a long time.) The fan adopts special shockproof foot pedestal design, so as to greatly reduce the vibration generated in the fan operation. X. The fan is economical and energy-saving. At the same power, the same pressure, the same flow, the fan current is less than other similar products.

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