What are the factors affecting the heat dissipation of side channel blowers

2022-06-21 18:03
Analysis of heat dissipation factors of side channel blowers:
High pressure blower cooling, is not only widely used in industry and our life is inseparable from, such as we live entertainment clubs, Internet cafes, entertainment club, and some of the requirements of low temperature working factory jobs, heat will be a very important work, a good living environment and work is what we need, high pressure blower with double absorption function, You can use suction air, you can also use blow air; Can also use the suction and blowing at the same time, the equivalent of rotary-vane vacuum pump are the same function, the wind will be a lot of heat absorption and absorption, blowing in the wind of introducing external fresh air at the same time, recycling to fresh air, eliminate some inner temperature, lower the temperature of heat, high pressure fan has the function of environmental protection, and suction blowing simple installation.
1, the use of high pressure blower heat dissipation is an important factor
The use of high pressure fan heat dissipation and fan performance, and performance determines manufacturing. Therefore, the use of heat dissipation high pressure blower is the first factor to be considered in selection. The use of heat dissipation high pressure blower is directly related to the state of heat dissipation fan gas transport, gas physical conditions and chemical properties are different, the type of heat dissipation fan used is also very different; The working environment of the factory should choose the heat dissipation side channel blowers that can be effectively used, such as the gas conveyed by the heat dissipation fan if it contains a lot of dust or pulverized coal, and the dust and pulverized coal cooling fan should be selected. Heat dissipation high pressure blower to transport gas has strong corrosion, to choose anti-corrosion heat dissipation fan; Working under high temperature conditions or conveying high temperature gas, we should choose high temperature cooling and high pressure blower.
2. Selection of heat dissipation high pressure blower
After the use of heat dissipation high pressure blower is determined, the grade of heat dissipation high pressure blower can be determined according to the performance requirements of heat dissipation fan, and the decision is to choose domestic heat dissipation high pressure blower or imported heat dissipation high pressure blower. After that, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the manufacturer of a specific grade of heat dissipation side channel blowers, determine the production capacity, product quality, product specifications and other information of the manufacturer of heat dissipation side channel blowers, and also consider the environmental protection level of heat dissipation side channel blowers. In the selection process of heat dissipation high pressure blower, it is necessary to consider the technical strength and maintenance level of the manufacturer, whether the follow-up service of heat dissipation high pressure blower is timely, and whether the normal use of heat dissipation high pressure blower can be guaranteed. In addition, the performance of the cooling high-pressure fan manufacturer in the development of new products can reflect its technical strength, which should also be considered in the scope of selection.

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