Analysis of the failure cause of blower generator

2022-06-20 10:33
All kinds of faults may occur in the blower generator set after long-term operation. In order to ensure the normal operation of each equipment, the failure of the blower generator set should be dealt with in time to ensure the expansion of the fault. How to troubleshoot the blower generator set?
(1) The reasons for the failure of the blower generator set:
(1) The stator and rotor windings are disconnected (one phase is disconnected) or one phase of the power supply is disconnected;
(2) the beginning and end of the lead wire of the winding is wrong or the inside of the winding is wrong;
(3) the power loop contact is loose and the contact resistance is large; The load of the blower generator set is too large or the rotor is stuck; The power supply voltage is too low;

The assembly of small blower generator set is too tight or the grease in the bearing is too hard; ⑦ Bearing stuck. (2) Fault analysis of blower generator set: (1) find out the breakpoint to repair; ② Check winding polarity; Judge whether the winding end is correct; (3) Tighten the loose wiring screws, use a multimeter to judge whether the joints are false, and repair them; Whether the voltage drop is too large due to the power supply wire is too thin, to be corrected; (4) reassemble to make it flexible; Replace qualified grease; blower generator set fault bearing overheating (1) blower generator set fault causes: ① too much or too little grease; ② Bearing and journal or end cover fit improperly (too loose or too tight); (3) the end cover or bearing cover of the blower generator set is not installed flat; The coupling between the blower generator set and the load is not corrected, or the belt is too tight; (2) fault analysis of blower generator set: (1) add grease according to the provisions (1/3 to 2/3 of the volume); (2) replace clean lubricating grease; (3) too loose can be repaired with adhesive, too tight should car, grinding shaft neck or end cover hole, so that it is suitable; (4) recalibrate and adjust the belt tension; ⑤ Calibration of motor shaft or replacement of rotor. (1) The reasons for the failure of the blower generator set: (1) The rotor and stator insulation paper or slot wedge rub; Bearing wear or oil with sand and other foreign bodies; (3) fixed rotor core loosening; The stator windings are misconnected or short-circuited. (2) Fault analysis of blower generator set: (1) trim insulation, cut low slot wedge; ② Replace the bearing or clean the bearing; (3) Repair fixed and rotor core; (4) eliminate scratches, when necessary, the small rotor in the car; (5) eliminate stator winding faults.

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