What is the cause of unstable speed of side channel blower?

2022-06-20 10:30
If the high-speed and side channel blower runs, it may be due to the high speed and some problems in control. Although some users have encountered such problems, the high pressure fan runs too fast, which has some negative impact on the work. So, is that a problem? Follow the side channel blower manufacturers to see this. In fact, the problem is usually caused by engine failure, usually for four reasons.

The fan is running fast and slow, affecting normal operation. Secondly, there may be some bad phenomena between the motor rotor and switch, such as carbon powder, carbon brush and other bad phenomena, will cause this situation. In this way, we can judge whether the thyristor is abnormal by judging the correctness of the resistance. If there is no abnormality, check the PCB connector of the side channel blower, which may be positive or negative. High pressure fan manufacturers third, considering the thyristor appeared such as frequent collapse, short circuit, break, fault trigger, poor internal contact and other abnormal phenomena, can cause high pressure fan operation speed is unstable, fast.

You know, there are some problems with adjustable resistors because there are adjustable resistors on the control panel, so they are used more frequently. If long-term use, easy long-term contact bad. Therefore, the centrifugal valve speed is not stable. First of all, after the first judgment, should be not connected to the power supply, at this time, what to do is to switch on the power supply. Because there are so many things that need to be done at work, unplugging is very selective. Secondly, we need to know that the motor may not work, which is mainly a part of what problem, we must timely check the motor wiring or replace the motor, so that the side channel blower can return to normal work.

There is also the damage of the fan head, at this time it is necessary to repair the fan or replace the fan, so that the side channel blower can be normally put into work. Finally, we need to know that the side channel blower is likely to have foreign bodies stuck in the fan, which makes the high pressure fan unable to operate. At this time, it is ok to remove foreign bodies. So in the usual work, there are still a lot of things to pay attention to.

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