How is the fault of side channel blower impeller repaired?

2022-06-20 10:35
Because the speed of side channel blower is much higher than that of general fan products, its balance requirements are also correspondingly improved a lot. In order to meet the requirements, the impeller of the blower is specially tested for balance.

side channel blower
The results show that the slight unbalance of the heart is not very strict, so we can effectively repair the fault of the fan impeller which is easy to happen.

For example, if the head of the rivet of the side channel blower impeller is worn, it can be welded by pressing the impeller body and the hub, so that the worn rivet head can return to the original normal state. If the rivet hole produces fatigue cracks, you can use the whole unused new welding rod to repair the cracks, but pay attention to the impeller axis line as the center of symmetry. No matter what kind of fault, in the repair process of high pressure blower can not be welding arbitrary spot welding, or the welding mark is left to the impeller, so as not to affect the balance of the impeller, but cause greater loss.

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