What is the difference between a high pressure blower and a low pressure blower

2022-06-14 13:50
In many industrial enterprises, workshops and factories, we will see blowers. The main role of the blower is to strengthen the air circulation, reduce the temperature and reduce toxic gases, which is of great significance for workers' operations. In the current blower market, ventilator and blower are widely used in enterprises, but there are essential differences between them. Concept and use of high pressure blower Under design conditions, the wind pressure of 15kPa~ 0.2mpa or compression ratio E =1.15~3 called blower. Features: High pressure blower is an ideal pneumatic conveying air source for chemical industry and food industry. When used, the flow rate changes very little with the change of pressure.

The blower speed is higher, the gap between the rotor and the rotor, the rotor and the body is small, so as to leak less, the volume efficiency is higher. The structure of the blower determines its mechanical friction loss is very small, the blower is dependent on the input of mechanical energy, improve the gas pressure and send gas side by side of the machine, it is a driven fluid machinery. High pressure blower is suitable for industrial printing machinery, combustion machine, bag blowing machine, film spraying machine, suction and air supply. , the pressure is lower than 58.8kpa, including 58.8kpa this pressure below, 9.8kpa, we call it low-pressure three-leaf Roots blower, low-pressure three-leaf Roots blower is air-cooled, low-pressure roots blower is usually a single tank, which is different from the high-pressure three-leaf Roots blower. 2, the pressure in 58.8 to 98kpa we call high pressure Roots blower, high pressure roots blower is a double tank series, the pressure needs to use water cooling, this is to ensure that each accessories can work normally. 3, 98kpa above 98kpa also belongs to the series of high pressure roots blower, because the pressure is higher,

the need to use a two-stage booster, two-stage booster roots blower in terms of structure and ordinary there are certain differences. Let's take a look at the basic principle of Roots blower. Roots blower is invented by the British George King in 1849, and then by the American Roots Brother (Roots Brother) to improve and promote it, it has gradually been widely recognized and applied, so Europe and the United States and called it "Rootsblower", into China was translated into "Roots blower". Roots blower is a positive volume blower, through a pair of rotor 'meshing' (there is a gap between the rotor, and do not contact each other) so that the air inlet separated, the rotor is driven by a pair of synchronous gear, do the opposite direction of movement, the inhaled gas without internal compression from the suction port to the exhaust port. At the moment when the gas reaches the exhaust port, it is pressurized by the return of the high-pressure gas on the exhaust side, so as to complete the gas transportation. Roots blower structure is simple and reliable, the output air volume has higher pressure, with the characteristics of forced air supply, under low pressure, the efficiency is far more than the air compressor, therefore, roots blower is widely used, is an important gas source equipment in sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying, aquaculture, combustion compression, chemical industry, electric power and other fields. The working principle of the ventilator is basically the same as that of the turbine compressor, but because the gas flow rate is low and the pressure does not change much, it is generally not necessary to consider the change of the gas specific volume, that is, the gas is treated as an incompressible fluid. Ventilators are widely used for ventilation, dust removal and cooling in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; Ventilation and ventilation of boilers and industrial furnaces; Cooling and ventilation in air conditioning equipment and household electrical equipment; Drying and selection of grain; Wind tunnel wind source and air cushion aeration and propulsion, etc.

Dereike blower factory is a professional blower production company, the high-pressure blowers produced under its name have high quality, large air volume, long life and wide application and many other characteristics. Its processing and assembly technical force is strong, can ensure the reasonable and uniform clearance, not only to achieve a higher volume efficiency and avoid friction due to thermal expansion in the body. In addition, the pump shell and impeller of the high pressure blower are molded by die-casting molds, which are strong and durable and have excellent heat dissipation. It can effectively reduce the wear of the material and reduce the rubbing of the impeller when it rotates. And the wind turbine also has a frequency conversion system, which can effectively avoid additional gas consumption, so that the operating cost of the system is greatly reduced. The way to understand high pressure blowers: 1.

One of the ways to learn high pressure blowers websites established by formal institutions is to get online, of course, here refers to the websites created by formal institutions, covering a wealth of modules for different people to refer to. At the same time, the website will ensure the frequency of information update, ensure that visitors in a short time to receive new information and news, will not miss the release of important industry policies. 2, experience the local reliable manufacturers stable high pressure blower structure is reasonable mostly from the reliable manufacturers of different sizes, and the second way to understand this high pressure blower is to personally visit the professional manufacturers in the region. Even if there is no intention to buy a blower for the time being, only by effective communication with the manufacturer's personnel can obtain valuable information, customers should know how to assess the situation. 3. The third way to consult people familiar with the equipment to understand high-pressure blowers is to consult directly with people in the industry. For example, people who often buy blowers or people who know the operation principle of blowers can give pertinent opinions from their own point of view.

What customers need to do is to integrate the questions in time and find the corresponding answers in turn, so as to get valuable information about the blower. Consumers do not know much about high-pressure blowers, and many people think that it is a waste of energy and time. As a result, they have fallen into a dead end of buying and cannot determine alternatives. If you can face up to this part of the content, know how to use effective ways to understand the characteristics and characteristics of the blower, for the next purchase will get twice the result with half the effort. Although are blowers, but because of their different working principles, in different use scenarios, must choose the corresponding blower model, in order to achieve efficient and orderly industrial production. Wind turbine high pressure blower is committed to creating high pressure blower under multiple scenarios, improve production and operation efficiency for all industries.

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