Introduction to working principle of high pressure blower

2022-06-14 13:58
High-pressure blowers are also known as scroll fans, usually between 10kPa and 100kPa, and are often called high-pressure blower fans. The high pressure blower is rotated by an impeller. Because of the centrifugal action, the wind direction handles the forward moving gas forward, thus forming a series of spiral motions, the air between the impeller blades spiral, the pump body is squeezed. After entering the side passage, the gas is compressed and returned to the impeller blade for rotation again.

When the air passes through the impeller and the side groove along the spiral track, the compression degree and acceleration of each blade increase. As the rotation progresses, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, making the gas pressure further increase through the side channel. When air reaches the connection point of the side groove and the discharge flange, the gas is extruded from the blade and discharged through the outlet muffler through a series of pump body movements. How high pressure blowers work The impeller of high pressure blowers is made up of dozens of leaves, similar to the impeller of giant wind turbines.

The air in the middle of the impeller blade moves from the centrifugal action to the edge of the impeller, where the air enters the pump circulation chamber and is recirculated in the same way from the starting point of the blade. The circulating air flow generated by the impeller rotates so that the air pump is in a very high energy for use. Blower adopts special motor, compact structure, small volume, light weight, low noise and water supply. High pressure blower widely used high pressure blower, widely used in environmentally friendly water treatment, such as sewage aeration, in order to meet the oxygen content of aerobic microchlorine in activated sludge and sewage conditions and sewage conditions of complete contact with activated sludge, thereby degrading water. The purpose of various organic materials to achieve sewage purification, can also be stirred, as well as the slurry tank stirring, aquaculture is the same role. In the printing industry there is also a folding machine, trace machine, change knife and so on. (high pressure blower fan ring) is widely used in filling machinery, hospital delivery system, burning oxygen generator, cigarette filter molding machine, spray drying machine, screen printing machine, film machine, injection molding machine, automatic drying machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, welding machine, film machine, paper, transportation, dry cleaning, cleaning, dust, air drying bottle, gas, Feed, collection, central dust environmental protection, screen printing, electroplating, dust removal, food, packaging, filling, glass products, air delivery and other related industries and machinery.

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