ring blower 0.5 hp

2022-06-08 15:52
RIng blower 0.5 hp installation key control based

1) install the fan can be installed according to the arbitrary point of view, so the foundation have high requirements, its size and capacity must conform to the specified requirements, usually, the endurance of the installed base must be in 3 ~ 5 times of high-pressure blower weight, ensure the smoothness of foundation base, Ensure that oil, gravel, and soil are removed from the holes reserved for the foundation floor and anchor bolts.
ring blower 0.5 hp

And the base surface of the area to prevent the pad is rubbed flat.

2) set the baseline when fan in place, according to the installation drawing and infrastructure and elevation axes line to pay-off of equipment foundation, and find the basis of the centerline and the corresponding equipment installation standard, if the installation equipment interconnection between or arrangement of equipment, should be divided into the same installation datum line, ensure the stability of the installation, to avoid in the later use process, Affected by vibration and offset phenomenon.

3) Unloading displacement is convenient for the transportation and installation of the fan, so that the main engine of the blower and the generator can be temporarily fixed on the same base, the crane of about 20t should be used to unload the fan and other equipment from the transport vehicle, and then placed on two parallel guide rails, and pad the lower part of the guide rail, to avoid uneven force guide

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