These fault points of double-stage side channel blower

2022-06-05 15:48
These faults of double-stage side channel blower are no longer difficult problems
There will always be such or such problems in the use of double-stage high-pressure fan. Why is it? After professional analysis, most of the equipment in the operation of the failure, mostly because the operator did not carry out a comprehensive inspection before using the equipment and the late use of the equipment after the timely cleaning. Because it is for the cleaning of equipment, if the double-stage high-pressure fan is not cleaned, it will affect the next use. Double-stage side channel blower bring surprises to our life and work, as well as troubles. If the double-stage high-pressure fan often fails in the process of use, it is very troublesome. It includes the noise in the running process of the double-stage high pressure blower, the sanitary problems of the blower and the troubles brought by the storage of the high pressure blower. In order to help you solve these problems, specially collected on the Internet about the double-stage high-pressure fan information, hoping to help you eliminate the trouble.

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1. For the noise generated by the double-stage high-pressure fan during operation
How can we solve this problem? The first thing to do is to stop the machine to check, to see where the problem is, to find out the problem, to take the right measures to solve the problem, in order to ensure the safety of use, can carry out a short test run, to ensure that the equipment is safe, normal operation.

2, high pressure blower cleaning problem
This is also a problem of great concern. If the cleaning problem of failure is not well solved, the double-stage high-pressure fan is likely to cause the blockage of the equipment and affect the production. Therefore, we need to clean the inlet and outlet of the equipment regularly to keep it clean and tidy, so that the operation of the side channel blower is always in the state.
3. Storage of side channel blower
This is mainly caused by the large volume of the double-stage high-pressure fan, which makes it impossible for us to move the equipment frequently. So we should after using the equipment, it will be moved to a cool and dry place, avoid the environment must not be wet, so as not to affect the life of the fan; If it is not used for a short time, it should be placed in the open air, and a certain canvas should be found to block and take protective measures.


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